“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

~ Mae West

Out of all the many pleasures in this world, the simple one’s tend to be the greatest.

They are the things that can make us smile on a daily basis; with little effort, and usually no money.

They are the ones that make us feel like a kid again, they appease and touch us deep below our exteriors.

They remind us that a beautiful life is a simple one.

And that no matter who you are, or where you are in this world, you have the chance to smile.

Simple pleasures are not universal, different people have various ones, but in their simplicity, they unite us as human beings.

Below are 15 simple pleasures which can surely brighten anyones day:

1. Sleeping in on a rainy day.


There is nothing like laying in bed and hearing the rain drops falling outside.

Feeling so safe and warm in your bed- in your sanctuary.

The world moves slower when it rains, and so can you.

It’s a magical thing to lay bed with no rush to go anywhere, just listening to the sounds of the earth.

2. Finding money you didn’t know you had.

It feels like winning the lottery when you find money in an old pocket of your jeans, or in that purse you haven’t worn in a while.

Even if it’s as little as $5 bucks, it can feel like $50.

Most of us spend our time constantly aware of how much money we have in our pockets or in our bank accounts.

It may not be much more, but it leaves us feeling richer than 10 seconds ago.

People always say there is no such thing as free money- those people have obviously never had the simple pleasure of finding money they didn’t know they had.

3. Going skinny dipping.


There is a mysterious thrill to being naked in water.

It feels like wild freedom.

We feel exposed, like we are doing something wrong, but in a way that feels so good.

Especially in the night, when it’s dark and there is nothing but us, the water, and the glow of the moonlight to lead our way.

4. Receiving a letter or package in the mail.

Mail has become a lost art in our generation.

No longer do people take the time to hand write a letter, or go to the post office and send a package just because.

In the old days, mail had to travel for weeks before it reached where it was supposed to go.

You waited and you waited, asked the mail man every single day, waiting to see that little envelope containing a personal message for you.

Our email inboxes and regular mailboxes are filled with so much spam and junk these days.

It’s nice when we have that moment of finding something personal again.

5. Hearing the perfect song at the perfect moment.


The clouds have opened up, the heavens have reached down on you, and for a split second you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

That is the feeling of hearing the right song at the right moment.

Like where you are, and what is happening around you has been perfectly orchestrated by some higher power.

You take a deep breath, maybe even close your eyes for a second, and listen.

6. A familiar smell.

A familiar smell can take you back to a place you never thought you would be again.

It’s mysterious and has no explanation, but it’s one sense that can ignite all of your other senses and transport you to an old state of mind, a different place, or to a certain person.

The smell of an old lover, a parents home, the places that remind us of moments passed.

Reminding us that life is just one big circle, and while nothing lasts forever, nothing fully disappears either.

7. Playing in water.


There is nothing that brings out your inner child more than playing in water.

Having a splash fight, holding your breath under, seeing how far you can swim.

For some reason this either large or small body of water has the ability to take out all the seriousness of life, and just let us be mindlessly free.

8. A beautiful view.

A beautiful view can make you feel indescribably grateful for the world around you.

A mountainous landscape, a beautiful beach, a flowery meadow, or a valley filled with snow and pine trees.

You can’t believe that nature can make something so beautiful, while human beings spend so much effort and money trying to surpass its beauty, but always seem to fall just a little short.

9. Laying in fresh bed sheets.


We all know that amazing feeling of excitement when we take our sheets out from the dryer, as they are still so warm we stretch them across our bed, take a big whiff of the fresh scent, and just lay.

The bed feels so clean and fresh, it’s as if nobody has ever laid in it before, not even you.

10. Reminiscing about happy past memories with your friends.

Our memories are our most prized possessions.

They take us back to places that we miss, or places we are glad to be away from.

They are the imprints of our lives, and there is nothing more wonderful than reminiscing and sharing those memories with your closest friends who were there to experience them by your side.

11. Dancing like crazy.


Whether it is with the satisfaction of nobody looking, or with the thrill of being surrounded by others, dancing like crazy will always feel good.

Letting your body move without care or worry to your favorite song is one of the purest forms of pleasure in this world.

12. A hot bath.

What can be more relaxing than lounging in a nice hot bath, with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, and some candles to set the mood?

Letting your muscles relax as your mind winds down and finds stillness; for that moment, you can just shut the world out and be with yourself.

13. Watching the stars.


Laying on your back and watching the vast amount of stars and galaxies above you can be one of the most mediative experiences out there.

They are like thousands of little lanterns in the sky.

They are sublime, in their greatness, beyond all possibilities of calculation, measurement, or imitation.

Not to mention the thrill of seeing a shooting star dancing across the sky line just for you.

14. The smell after it rains.

When the earth is wet all the smells of the world come to life.

The smell of dirt and grass, concrete and mud fill the air and we can smell nature even if we are in the middle of the city.

There is a certain comfort and familiarness these smells bring, we have been smelling them our whole lives.

15. Finishing a really good book.


That moment when you finally finish an amazing book that has been on your mind for days or weeks.

As you are nearing the end, you know it’s about to be all over, you get to the last page and you read every word so slowly and carefully, you want to make sure you don’t miss a single thing.

You probably re-read the last paragraph over and over again, knowing its value to the entire novel.

You feel so proud of yourself for giving your time to somebody else’s words.

That is the magic of a good book.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

~ Mark Twain