“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

Life is constantly filled with endless possibilities. In every direction there is the chance for a new opportunity: new people, a new community, a new interest, a new job, or even a special someone.

Life is generous with its possibilities but it also needs us to take a chance. Without taking chances, we only experience a small range of the same things over and over again. We hide ourselves from those chance encounters that could bring something amazing into our lives.

So what does taking a chance mean?

Taking a chance means doing something out of your ordinary. It means doing things a little differently than you are used to. Taking a chance can be something big like moving to a new city or country in order to find a new experience. But chances also come in smaller packages.

Taking a chance means putting yourself out there and letting luck and opportunity find you.

There are hundreds of ways we can take chances every single day, but here are 5 basic and easy to do ones to start you off:

1. Commit to plans with a new friend or group of friends.


We love our friends because we can be comfortable with them. We love that we can be ourselves, talk about our similar interests, and laugh about the same old jokes.  The downfall of some friend groups however is that they tend to fall into a routine.

They hang out with the same people, go to the same places, do the same activities, and talk about the same things. There isn’t much room left for chance.

Going out with a new friend and meeting his or her friends is a great way to open yourself up and experience something new. You will be introduced to new people, probably a cool new restaurant or bar, new topics of conversation, and possibly even a new hobby or two.

It might seem scary, even intimidating at first to be surrounded by strangers, but the longer you spend with them and get to know them, the less strange they will become.

2. Try a new class


We all have plenty of ideas and dreams about things we wish we could learn. We want to get better at yoga, we wish we knew how to paint, we want to be a rockstar rock climber. Unfortunately, the thing that holds us back from trying these dreams is the fear of the unknown. As cautious beings, we try to avoid feeling discomfort at all times which is why we get stuck in the same patterns in our lives. They are comfortable.

The only way we are going to cultivate our hopes and dreams however, is if we take a chance and face that discomfort. Going to a new class can be nerve racking: the regulars all probably know each other, you don’t know if you are going to like it, what if you are not good at it and everybody notices?, etc.

There are a million and one reasons why not to go. But the most important reason to go, is to find the courage to be yourself. Or at least to give yourself the opportunity to find out who “yourself” is; to find your likes and dislikes, and to meet some great people along the way.

3. Start up a conversation with somebody at work.


For all you know, your future best friend could have been working along side you all this time! We tend to go to work and become zombies. We show up, get our job done, and leave. We can spend years in the same room with people and never even know their names. The people that work with you or in your field obviously have at least one thing in common with you, your jobs!

Talking to them can teach you about different career paths in your field, they can teach you better and more efficient ways of doing your job if they have been working longer than you, or vice versa you can have the opportunity to become their mentor and help them be better at their job. You can end up making a good friend, or at least somebody you can talk to when you’re all stressed over your current project.

It may seem uncomfortable at first, but take a chance and the initiative. Chances are they were just as scared as you to make the first move. Everybody could use a friend at work.

4. Take a new route


Our subconscious rules our routines, and one of those routines is the route we take places. Sure, we usually want to take the most efficient and quickest way to our destination, but that isn’t always the most beneficial. There are times when you may need to get somewhere quickly, such as an appointment, but there are times when you don’t. Times where you can give yourself some cushion and take an alternate route.

Try leaving your home a little earlier and taking a new route to work. The experience of seeing new things will energize your mind and fill you with motivation. You may stumble upon a new coffee shop or breakfast joint that you can’t image you have been living without this whole time.

Some people live in the same neighborhood for years and never drive down certain streets. Exploring your surroundings is a great way of letting chance into your life. You’ll never know everything there is to do unless you go out and see it.

5. Get out of your house and go public


Some of us spend hundreds of dollars making our homes as comfortable as we can. We create our own personal little hideaways where we feel safe and comforted. While there is nothing like spending some one on one time in your home, going out and putting yourself out there in the world is equally as important.

Nothing is going to happen to us by chance or luck if we are tucked away in our hideaways. We aren’t going to meet somebody new or stumble upon a new experience in the confines of our own home.

The things you want to do at home can often be done in public as well. You can bring your book and read in any coffee shop, park, or restaurant. Bring your lap top and work papers with you to your local coffee shop with WIFI and get your work done there. Instead of having your lunch at your work desk, take it outside and find where other people are having their lunch.

Invite opportunity into your life by taking a chance: the chance to experience something different and new, the chance to find something you like, and most importantly, the chance to live your life to its fullest potential.