“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

~ Dorothy Day

When in need of some extra energy or immune boosters, many of us reach straight for the vitamins.

While taking daily supplements is recommended by most doctors, we tend to forget that some of the highest concentrates of vitamins and minerals are actually found in our food!

It’s a shame that when we are feeling lazy or depressed we settle for whatever fast snack is at hand.  It may seem like the easier option, however eating foods that provide you with energy and happiness would in turn be the better option.

That’s right, certain foods can make you happier!

Here are 6 foods that boost your body and your mind:

1. Turkey


There’s a reason we feel so happy after a big Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey is one of the few poultries that offers a chemical compound called tryptophan which is a natural serotonin booster. It also contains the mineral selenium which helps  fight depression and inflammation.

Next time you wake up feeling a little sad, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a delicious turkey sandwich for lunch.

2. Asparagus


This delicious vegetable contains high amounts of folic acid, a vitamin that naturally boosts your mood. The folate in asparagus gives you that extra energy you might need when feeling mildly depressed, lazy, or just a little foggy in the mind. If you’re not a big fan of asparagus, try topping it off with some parmesan cheese and a few drops of olive oil – otherwise known as the Italian way.

3. Yogurt


Containing natural probiotics, Yogurt is filled with the “good” kind of bacteria that help keep your intestines and gut healthy. It helps aid digestion as it allows your body to pass food through it safely and smoothly.

Not only does Yogurt make your stomach happy, but it helps your mind stay happy too as studies have shown that it may increase levels of serotonin in the brain, the anti-depression chemical.

4. Dark Greens


Dark and leafy greens include foods such as kale, spinach, and chard. These super greens are high in magnesium bringing calmness to the mind. They are also loaded with vitamins that make them highly effective in serotonin production.

Greens like spinach or kale can be added to your diet at any time of the day. You can opt to have some spinach along with your eggs in the morning or make a delicious kale salad with avocado and lemon. These days, dark leafy greens are becoming a major ingredient in most juices and smoothies, making it easier than ever to get a large dose of them added to your daily diet.

5. Green Tea


Containing the amino acid theanine, Green tea helps bring calmness and reduce stress. It is also a great anti inflammatory fighter, helping keep your immune system strong and healthy.

When shopping around for green tea, try to find the purest and strongest kind. Many tea companies dilute their green tea with other less bitter tastes. Pure green tea is the one that is going to be filled with most of these amazingly healthy vitamins and minerals.

6. Dark Chocolate


At last! Research that gives us a reason to eat chocolate every day! It has been shown that cocoa powder is a  big player in keeping our moods up and stable. By cutting down on the stress hormone cortisol, it helps lift our mood while also improving our cognition and boosting brain power.

The suggested amount of dark chocolate to eat daily is 1.4 ounces in order to stay happy and healthy.