“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.”

~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Living a life of positivity can often seem difficult when we are over burdened with responsibilities.

Making lunches, keeping schedules, being a good role model, driving to soccer or ballet.

We spend most of our lives being the center of our universe, but once we have children, they became the center of ours.

Our purpose changes, and for some, this might be the most difficult part of becoming a mother.

Learning how to remember to give to yourself, while you give everything else to your family.

The secret to being a good mom however, is to be grateful for being a mom.

That way even when the going gets tough, you still feel the joy of your children as the greatest gifts on earth.

Here are 7 ways in which having gratitude, can make you a better mom:

1. Allows you to see your kids in their best light.

Instead of seeing their faults and their mistakes, look at all of the reasons they are great.

Think of all of the happiness and joy they bring to you every day.

Try to think of all the reasons why you love them.

What do they do to make you smile, or help you?

When you switch your attitude and open your eyes, you will start to see the good out weigh the bad.

2. Makes you listen to your kids.

When you feel thankful for having them, you are more inclined to giving them your full attention and presence.

Sometimes kids can talk and talk for hours, and we can’t possibly give our attention to every single thing they say.

But, if you get in the mindset of this behavior, you will also miss out on some great stuff.

Actually listening to your child and forming that connection earns their trust and loyalty.

They will feel less of a need to act out if they know you will listen.

3. Sets a good example.

When you express gratitude, your children will learn gratitude as well.

When you expect your child to be thankful for you and everything you give them, you have to show them HOW to be thankful.

There is no better lesson than the example you set yourself.

Tell them why you love them, thank them for something they do, let them see you be grateful to others.

Your children love you, and chances are they want to be just like you.

Teach them gratitude, SHOW them gratitude, and they will appreciate you and the things around them much more.

4. When you face a problem, be grateful for it.

It is no secret being a mom is one the hardest jobs in the world.

Everyday you are faced with obstacles, problems, and dilemmas you must overcome.

Sometimes it can feel like they just keep on coming with no end, leaving you feeling defeated and tired.

Instead of fearing the next obstacle, await it.

They are always going to keep on coming, so you might as well learn to appreciate them.

See them as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to be better for yourself and for your children.

Seeing life in this way will turn you from a complainer, into a positive and powerful mother who can face anything that comes her way.

5. Makes you look at what you have, rather than what you don’t have.

Ever feel like that family next door “has it all”?

The perfect children, the perfect wife, perfect husband, the perfect home, etc.

And you tell yourself, “If I had that, I would be happy.”

Spoiler alert, they are not perfect. And chances are, they are probably thinking the same about you, or another family in the neighborhood.

Nobody’s life is perfect. Everyone has their struggles and problems, even if you can’t see them.

Look at everything you have, realize that it is something that many others don’t.

There are people who wish they had your life, just like you wish you had theirs.

Being grateful allows you to see everything that you have in all its greatness, and makes you forget about what you don’t.

6. Makes you a happy Mom. 

Simply put, being a grateful mom makes you a happy mom.

It makes you see that all that you do, and everything you sacrifice, is worth it all.

Because when you see your children and your life, and you are thankful for them, every hardship becomes worth it.

Being a mother can bring great great joy to your life.

It’s not always easy to see that joy as it gets clouded by obstacles, but none the less, the joy is always there.

Just like a bright and shinning sun that is covered with clouds, we forget that it is there because we can’t see it, but it never leaves us.

The joy is always there, it just takes a little gratitude to see it.


“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”

~Honore de Balzac