Select a Free Happiness Course


Tap into the power of being appreciative.


Talk to yourself as if anything is possible.


Stop trying to grasp, own and control the world around you.

Change Your Story

Write down what you want your life to be like.


Enrich your life by quieting the mind.


Be present and conscious of life as you live it.

Embrace Giving

Shift your mentality from getting to giving.

Simplify Your Life

Clear away distractions and focus on the essential.

Set Goals

Establish your intentions to get what you want in life.

About Our Courses

Our courses are designed to help you achieve a better and more happy life.

We have mapped out the 9 essential components that we believe will bring you happiness.

Most of our courses contain 5 sessions that take just 10 minutes a day.

Each course contains the following:

– An overview and benefits of adopting the practice
– 2-3 assignments to help you integrate the practice into your life
– Explanations of how and why the assignments will benefit you
– Assignment reviews that encourage you to explore your experience

The 9 Steps to Happyness can be done at your own pace and in any particular order.

However, we believe it is the unison of all 9 practices that will show the most impactful change.

These practices work together, support each other, and are all equally essential to the journey that is happiness.

Thank you for choosing Happyness as your guide. We hope you enjoy your adventure.

– The Happyness Team