Talk to yourself as if anything is possible.

Today’s Assignment

Write a New Affirmations List
(10 minutes)

1. Concentrate on specific areas of your life that need improvement.

Pick 3 of the following categories to use as subjects of your affirmations:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Work / Career
  • Confidence
  • Social skills
  • Weight loss
  • Personal Growth

2. Write 10 new affirmations.

3. Stand upright, relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, and exhale.

4. Speak all 15 (5 from yesterday and your 10 new) affirmations out loud, one-by-one.

  • Speak with confidence in your voice. These are statements and declarations.
  • Do this in front of the mirror so you can look yourself in the eyes.
  • Speak slowly and deliberately, truly believing and envisioning every word you say.

5. Repeat the previous step once more.

Why This?

When you start using a new affirmation, the statement may seem untrue for you.

This is a good thing, as the point of an affirmation is to open you up to a new way of thinking.

This new way of thinking won’t be automatic for you yet, but thinking about the possibility of it being true will open you up to new possibilities in your life, that you were completely closed to before.


Day 5