Change Your Story

Write down what you want your life to be like.

Today’s Assignment

Part 2: Write The Positive Opposite
(10 minutes)

1. Take out another sheet of paper and write down the positive opposite of your story. This is your new story.

What would you like your life to look like?

ex. My life is great. I love my job. I make healthy decisions in my life. I am brave. I am good enough.

  • Write in Present Tense. ( I am.. I have..)Writing in present tense emphasizes the importance of right now. Writing in future tense ( I will have..) enables procrastination and makes us put off thinking in this way till a later time.
  • Words are everything.Avoid using negative words, as well as words that end in ‘nt (didn’t, don’t, won’t, isn’t, couldn’t, can’t). Words create your life. If you are using negative words to envision your life, your life will be negative.
  • Be Specific.Get specific about what you want out of life. Instead of saying “Everybody likes me” , say “ My coworkers, family, and friends like me”. Being specific allows us to see what details of our lives are important to us. It also makes it easier to achieve those affirmations. Everybody will not always like you. But your coworkers, family, and friends can and will.

2. Edit your new story so when read out loud, it lasts around 3 minutes.

Go back in one last time and double check you did not use any negative words. Edit out any repetitions.

We all speak at different paces, therefore some will have longer lists and others shorter. 3 minutes is the average time it should take you to read it out loud.

Remember, you are going to be repeating this out loud a lot, so make sure it’s not too long.

3. Visualize your story.

Close your eyes and create a mental image in your head of what this story looks like.

We all know how to fantasize and imagine. And for those of us who have trouble with this, just give it your best try. Go line by line through your story and “see” it in your head.

Get as deep into the visualization as you need, even imagining other factors such as smells and sensations.

You are creating a specific moment in your head; give it as much detail as you can.

4. Create emotional connections.

Get excited when you visualize your story. Create an emotional connection to each affirmation.

Even if it seems a little forced at first, jump up and down in excitement, clap your hands, scream, laugh, hold your fists in the air.

When we create a physical reaction to an idea, the idea gets internalized into your mind and muscle memory.

Why This?

Writing your new story is declaring to the world that is going to be the life you are going to lead.

Your first story was probably a compilation of aspects that you did not choose for yourself. Over the years they built up and suddenly you looked up and didn’t know how the hell you got there.

You were so busy trying to survive, you forgot to live.

This is the moment when you change that. The moment you choose to live your life, the way you want to live.

We can be the writers of our own stories because we are the ones who control our own lives. I’m not talking about the obstacles and circumstances that life throws at you.

The control I am speaking of is the control over yourself which is made up of your thoughts and choices. If you are not leading the life you want, or think you deserve, then you are the only one who can change that.

We have all been subconsciously writing our own stories our whole lives. The only difference is, now you are taking control of your own story and rewriting it to fit your own goals and desires.

Because if you are not the one controlling your life, the life isn’t really yours.



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