Embrace Giving

Shift your mentality from getting to giving.


Give, contribute, supply, transfer, award, commit, provide,  deliver, donate, grant, permit, present, entrust, gift, bestow. There are so many ways in this world to give.

Without giving, the world would stop turning.

We give almost every day; our time, our money, our advice, our love, our patience, our help, etc.

There are two kinds of giving however:

  1. There is the kind where you expect something in return.
  2. Or the kind where you give selflessly. This is called Altruism.

The giving we want to focus on most is the latter.

Altruism is the concern for the welfare of others. Interestingly enough, it is in our nature to help others. Even animals help and take care of each other – lions, elephants, and even ants.

We are wired to give. But sometimes many of us forget how to give, or why.

“So if we love someone, we should train in being able to listen. By listening with calm and understanding, we can ease the suffering of another person.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


There are a number of reasons for why we should change our purpose from getting to giving.

Here are just a few:

It evokes Gratitude.

Giving stimulates gratitude in both parties, the giver and the receiver.

As the receiver, you are grateful to have had the pleasure to be given this gift. As the giver, you feel gratitude that you were able to express your appreciation for that individual with something special.

Giving can be seen as the physical action of gratitude. It is important to physically express one’s gratitude once in a while, as some people need to be appreciated through actions, and not only words.

Giving is great for your health.

The happiness that comes along with giving is a great stress reducer. When we find ourselves volunteering, helping a friend, or neighbor, we can feel the goodness we are doing for another human being.

We can feel ourselves bettering the world in some way. Stress is a major cause of many health problems including cancer and mental illness. Giving keeps us happy and active, putting us in a more positive and healthy flow of life.

Giving can be contagious.

One of the best things about giving is the ripple effect it can cause. When we give, we inspire those around us to give as well.

This inspiration can span across even 3 degrees of people and still have the ability to affect hundreds. No more complaining about how “its hard” or “we can’t make a difference”.

The first step in making a difference in the world is through giving; giving your time, your presence, your dedication, your wealth, or your love. As we give, we inspire those around us to do so as well. There is a reason they call it the gift of giving, the giving itself is the true treasure.

Giving makes us happy.

It is as simple as pie: giving makes us happy.

When we give, we are activating the part of our brain associated with happiness and social connection.

When we act altruistically, endorphins are released in our brains giving us a type of high, also known as the “helpers high”.

Also, a hormone called oxytocin gets released in our brains which produces feelings of warmth and euphoria, which is the same chemical that gets released in our brains during sex.

It’s safe to say: when we give, we feel very very good about it.

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