Embrace Giving

Shift your mentality from getting to giving.

Today’s Assignment

Find A Cause to Volunteer For

Do some research and find an organization that you can volunteer for.

You only have to sign up for one day, or even one hour. It can be something in your community, at work, or even at school. Sign up, and make the commitment to show up.


  • Habitat for Humanity (building projects)
  • Feeding America (food bank)
  • Red Cross (medical aid)
  • Start a food drive for your local shelter
  • Organize an online fundraiser for a cause you care about
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Visit justgive.org to get many other ideas on how and where to volunteer

Why This?

Giving back to your community or the world at large is one of the greatest gifts you can give. The world needs so much assistance, and taking a few hours out of your day once in a while is all it takes to move our world forward towards greatness.

Think about the fact that you will be making a difference in somebodies, or some things (in case it’s an adorable puppy) life. Part of being grateful for yourself and the life you have is giving back to those who may not have everything that you do.

There are so many different causes, the important thing is to find one you are passionate about, that will be the one that you will do the best at, and that will bring you the most happiness.


Day 3