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Now that we have learned why it is important and beneficial to give, we are going to learn about what kinds of things we can give to those around us and why.

Your presence.

This means making it a priority to spend time with those you love — if they are truly important, you can make the time. You might have to change things in your life to make the time, but it’s worth it.

Beyond just making the time, though, you have to actually be present when you spend time with loved ones. That means learning to stay in the moment, rather than having your mind on other things, checking your iPhone or Blackberry every two minutes, or trying to take care of other tasks and chores while spending time with them.

Instead, drop everything else and focus on being there with your loved ones — really listen, really have fun, really be present.

Your love.

It’s imperative that you tell your loved ones that – well, that you love them. Regularly. But just as important is that you actually show them you love them, in your actions every day, throughout the day.

Hugs, intimacy, smiles, doing kind things for them, considering their needs and feelings… just little things that mean a lot.

A Voice.

We can give so much just by paying attention to a loved one, and really listening, and showing that we’re interested in what they have to say, and showing that what they say is important and respected.

Too often our children or spouse might talk to us but are only met with a disinterested nod or other small acknowledgment, or we’ll make light or fun of what they say, as if it’s not important. But giving a person a voice, and showing that their words matter, will have a long-lasting difference in their lives.

Your belief in someone.

Simply believing in another person, and showing that in your words and in your deeds, can make a huge difference.

Studies of people who grew up in dysfunctional homes but who grew up to be happy and successful show that the one thing they had in common was a significant adult who believed in them. Do this for your child, and for the adult loved ones in your life as well.

Support their dreams and passions and hobbies. Participate with them. Be nothing but encouraging. Be their greatest cheerleader.

Whether they actually accomplish these dreams or not, your belief is of unlimited importance to them.

Your help.

Helping others is one of the best forms of giving there is. There are so many different ways you can help to make this world a better place. You can volunteer for a cause you really care about, donate money to an organization, help out a friend or family member.

It’s important to help those we know, but it’s also very important to help those we don’t. Volunteering for an organization is not only a great way to help out on a larger scale, but you also get to meet new and inspiring people who are choosing to give their time to charity just like you.

When you help, you actively participate in making somebody or something else’s life better.


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