Enrich your life by quieting the mind.

Today’s Assignment

Eating Meditation

This meditation refers to the act of eating a meal distraction free. Meaning, without TV, radio, music, reading, talking, etc.

1. Eliminate any distractions.

Turn off your phone, TV, etc.

2. Gently sit down at a table.

3. Eat with purpose.

Eat your food while only concentrating on the act of eating itself.

Notice how the food tastes, consciously chewing, taking breaths in between each swallow, and feeling the food go down through your body.

Why This?

The act of concentrating on one task gives the mind clarity and allows us to be mindful about what we are doing.

When we eat and multitask at the same time, chances are we are eating too fast or too much which is unhealthy for the body.

Digestion starts in the mouth with saliva, so when we eat without properly chewing everything, there is more work for our stomachs to do down the line.

When we eat with full awareness, we are able to hear our body tell us when it is full or satisfied, as opposed to letting our empty plate determine that.


Day 7