Be present and conscious of life as you live it.

Today’s Assignment

Face Your Discomfort
(5 – 10 minutes)

1. Pick something that’s not hard. But something you don’t usually do, or even like.


  • Try a new healthy food
  • A Fairly easy exercise, like walking or jogging
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • Draw something
  • Read a chapter in a book

2. Just do a little.

You don’t have to start by doing 30 minutes of something you’re not used to doing. Just do a few minutes. Just start.

3. Push out of your comfort zone a little.

When you feel like giving up, don’t; then when you feel the urge to give up a second time, don’t; and when you feel the urge to give up a third time, then give up.

So you sit through the urge, the discomfort, twice before finally giving in the third time. This is a nice balance, so that you’re pushing your comfort zone a little.

4. Watch the discomfort.

Watch yourself as you get a bit uncomfortable — are you starting to complain (internally)? Are you looking for ways to avoid it? Where do you turn to? What happens if you stay with it, and don’t do anything?

5. Smile.

This is not trivial advice. If you can smile while being uncomfortable, you can learn to be happy with discomfort.

Why This?

If you learn this skill, to be comfortable with discomfort, you can master pretty much anything.

You can beat procrastination, start exercising, make your diet healthier, learn a new language, make it through challenges and physically grueling events, explore new things, speak on a stage, let go of all that you know, and become a minimalist.

And that’s just the start.

Discomfort isn’t bad. It’s just not what we’re used to.

And so we avoid it, but at the cost of not being able to change things, not being healthy, and not being open to adventure and the chaos of raw life.

Unfortunately, most people avoid discomfort.

At the first sign of discomfort, they’ll run as fast as possible in the other direction.

This is perhaps the biggest limiting factor for most people, and it’s why you can’t change your habits.

The problem is that when you run from discomfort all the time, you are restricted to a small zone of comfort, and so you miss out on most of life.

On most of the best things in life, in fact.


Day 3