Be present and conscious of life as you live it.

Today’s Assignment

Work on One Task With Focus

1. Start your day by choosing one task that will make a big difference in your workload.


  • Project at work
  • Filling paperwork
  • Answering emails
  • Cleaning out your bag
  • Cleaning out your car

2. Spend 15 minutes working on just this task.

3. Clear everything else away.

4. Don’t switch to other tasks.

5. Work with focus.

Why This?

Single-tasking is a great way to find focus. When you clear away distractions, and set your mind to something, and do just that one thing, everything changes.

You lose yourself in that task, become so immersed that you pour everything you have into the work, and it becomes a meditative, transformative experience.

When you have focus, not only are you able to do a better job, but you also feel instant gratification from the work you did. You gave your best, which is all any of us can ever do.

When you work mindfully with focus, your happiness increases, stress goes down, and work improves.


Day 5