Be present and conscious of life as you live it.

Today’s Assignment

Look at someone gratefully
(5 minutes)

1. Pick someone you care about, admire, or appreciate.

2. Instead of just seeing what you always see, just think about this person.

3. Think of all the reasons why you admire and/or appreciate this person.

4. See this person for the miracle they are.

5. Be grateful for their existence.

6. Tell that person how and why you are thankful for them.

Why This?

It is when we are mindful of another human being, that we are able to see them in all their greatness. We are able to see not only that we appreciate and admire them, but also why.

Telling somebody why you appreciate them is one the kindest things you can do for someone. With only a few words, you can uplift their whole day, week, or even life.

Mindfulness and kindness feed on each other in a wonderful cycle. By treating others with kindness, you will create a happy feeling within yourself, effectively creating a positive feedback loop for your mindfulness.

This will encourage you to be more mindful throughout your day, which will help you to treat others with yet more kindness, and so on.

When we touch another person’s life, our lives are being touched as well. The shape you want your life to take will be determined by the effort you take to be mindful and to be kind.


Day 7