Be present and conscious of life as you live it.

Assignment Review

Gratitude was the first lesson in this course.

It was first because it is the essence of all happiness. It is continuous and its roots branch off into many other aspects of life.

First we must be grateful. But before we can even do that, we must be mindful.

It takes a mindful mind to see all that we have to be grateful for.

Think about these:

How did it feel to tell somebody how you felt?
Did it feel good to be honest?
How did it feel making somebody feel good about themselves?
Do you see this person differently now that you’ve looked at them with awareness?
Did it make you want to tell other people why you are grateful for them?

“If you live in fear of of the future because of what happened in your past, you’ll end up losing what you have in the present.”

~ Nishan Panwar


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