Set Goals

Establish your intentions to get what you want in life.


Whether you have small dreams or big dreams, setting goals allows you to set a course for your life.

It’s not always about the destination, but about the act of getting there. We set goals for ourselves so we can lead the lives we want to live, instead of having others decide for us.

If you stick with a goal for long enough, you’ll almost always get there. It just takes patience, determination and motivation.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

~ C.S. Lewis


There are many benefits and lessons we learn along the way as we work on achieving our goals:

Gives you clearer focus.

Nothing can be achieved without focus. It is with focus that we are able to put all of our resources together and make our dreams become our reality.

As we move through life with focus, we are in every way taking advantage of the opportunities that arise before us. It is only once you know what you want, that you can go out and get it.

Enables you to use your resources.

Most of us don’t realize how many resources we have at our fingertips. When we have a goal, we are able to see those resources more clearly and are able to utilize them in order to achieve those goals.

When we are able to put all of our resources into one direction of focus, we are using those resources much more effectively than scattered across things we don’t truly care about.

Teaches you how to effectively use your time.

As they say, time is of the essence. And when we see our goals looming in the distance, we know time is crucial and we don’t waste it.

We learn to maximize our time spent achieving our goals, and minimize time spent on other activities that don’t help us lead the life we want to lead.

Makes you better at decision making.

When you know what you want out of life, you know what decisions you have to make to get there. You are able to see which choices get you closer to your goals, and which further.

You learn that you have to approach decisions head on and with confidence.

Once you see the effectiveness of this kind of decision making, you learn to use it in all aspects of your life.

Makes you more creative.

When you are motivated to achieve your goals, you learn to be more creative in finding ways to achieve those goals.

You might try new things, go in new directions, and explore more options when trying to succeed in something.

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