Set Goals

Establish your intentions to get what you want in life.

Today’s Assignment

Create Long-Term Goals and Achieve Them Through Visualization

While it is essential that we hold short term goals that we try to achieve once a day, week, or month, it is also important to map out goals that will take us a little longer to achieve. These are goals that we set in order to find purpose and joy in our lives.

1. Pick one goal you would like to achieve within the next 3 months.

Your goal should be specific to yourself, below we have provided examples of what kinds of goals could fit under the 3 month category.


  • Fitness (get better at a sport/join a sports team/run a marathon)
  • Health (develop better eating habit/lose weight/take vitamins)
  • Confidence (make new friends/work on shyness/become a “yes” person)
  • Creativity (keep a journal/paint or draw/take art classes/visit museums)
  • Relationship (commit to a partner/change dating habits/become a better partner)

2. Pick one goal you would like to achieve in the next 6 months.

Your goal should be specific to yourself, below we have provided examples of what kinds of goals could fit under the 6 month category.


  • Work (get a promotion/find a new job/achieve a project goal)
  • School (graduate/finish semester/enroll in school/get good grades)
  • Family (start family/form better relationships)
  • Money (make ‘X’ amount of money)
  • Travel (save up for trip/plan trip)

3. Write your goal statements that comprises of steps you are going to take in order to achieve your goals.

Write your statements in present tense as if they are already happening.

ex. My goal is to apply for grad school. In order to apply, I have to take the GRE exam. My goal statement is:

I am applying for grad school. I am taking my GRE exam on March 23rd. I am studying every Wednesday to prepare for my exam.

ex. My goal is to become a more creative person. My goal statement is:

I am a creative person. I write in my journal once a week. I take painting classes every Tuesday. I go to museums at least once a month.

Writing our actions in present tense makes those actions our realities, not our distant responsibilities.

4. Mentally visualize your goals as already achieved.

Now that we have our goals put into tangible present tense statements, we are able to start visualizing ourselves achieving those goals. At least once a day, take a moment to visualize your goal through every step.

See yourself as a creative person. See yourself writing in your journal on your bed. See yourself in that painting class. And see yourself walking through that museum.

When we visualize our goals, we tell our conscious mind that is our reality. As our conscious mind transfers the information to our subconscious memory, our actions follow suit.

Now, your steps will become your urges, and your urges become your actions.

You are sitting down and writing in your journal. You are hoping online and signing up for that art class. And you are walking out of your front door and going to it, because it is who you are.

Congratulations, you just achieved your goal of becoming a creative person.


Day 5