Simplify Your Life

Clear away distractions and focus on the essential.


It takes a bit of conscious effort to simplify, but it’s one of the greatest things you can ever learned to do.

The tendency of life in our society is to become more complicated: Internet, television, shopping, work, family commitments, possessions, eating, debt … these things pile on top of each other endlessly.

Simplifying everything might sound hard, but with practice it’s actually fairly easy, and leads to a quiet, content, lovely life full of space, with only the things in it that matter.

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

~ Paulo Coelho


To simplify your life means to hone in on what really matters.

By simplifying, we allow our minds to focus on those things without any distractions. Here are a few reasons why it’s important, and why it can be difficult.

Leaving space for the important stuff.

It’s easy to fill up our lives because there are so many things that sound amazing.

We hear about what others are doing and instantly want to add that to our lives. But it’s harder to remember that by adding so many things to our lives, we are subtracting space. And that space is important.

By saying no to things that sound really cool, you are saying yes to what’s truly important.

Your attention is precious.

Your attention is your most valuable possession. Give it as a gift to the people you love most, not a bunch of clowns on the Internet.

Give it to the work that matters most, not distractions. You have to make time for what’s important: time with your friends, time with your kids, time with your spouse, time for creating, time for exercise.

It’s important to sometimes push everything else aside to make time.

Society doesn’t want us to simplify.

A difficult part about simplifying life is going against social approval. We are so used to a certain order of things and certain cultural rules that we do not even doubt them. We assume that we need to have cable with 200+ channels only because everybody else has it in their homes.

We break our backs to sell things for the fundraisers at our kids’ schools just because everybody else does. This list goes on and on. Our society thrives off of us not living simply because it keeps us working so we can buy things that we don’t actually need.

Simplifying your life and your needs means going against the grain, and not falling for this “idea” of the life we are told to lead.

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