Simplify Your Life

Clear away distractions and focus on the essential.

Today’s Assignment

Clean Your Desk

1. Imagine your desk is set up into sections. (ex. left side, right side, 1st drawer, 2nd drawer, etc.)

2. Start with one zone, and work your way through each zone separately.

Do not try to multitask (move from the surface to the drawer). You will get distracted, and it will take you twice as long.

3. Recycle or shred any papers that are not relevant anymore.

Including stickies with reminders, and any random notes you wrote to yourself.

4. Create an organized folder or bin where you hold important documents.

Label dividers, color code, or separate folders- organize in any way so you can find any document in 30 seconds or less.

5. Maintain your organization!

As we all know, clutter comes fast and from nowhere. Actively make sure you are keeping your space clutter free.

When you receive a document, file it right away, don’t put it on your desk and ‘do it later’.

Why This?

You won’t believe how much you will get done with all of the extra time you will have. Not only did you just quantify your time, but you also qualified it.

Clean and organized spaces allow for more focused work. As you are able to focus on your work more, you will become better at it.

Crazy to think something so simple as cleaning your desk can make you a more productive and effective worker.


Day 5