Simplify Your Life

Clear away distractions and focus on the essential.

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How does it feel to sit at your brand new shiny clean desk?

Are you able to find things faster and more efficiently?

Do you find yourself getting more work done?

Is your desk already a mess, or have you kept it up?

Did you get employee of the month yet?

That last one was a joke. But, the point is not far off! Keep up the clean desk and you can be sure that your productivity and work quality will improve dramatically.

Once you see the benefits, you may even be inspired to clean out other environments in your life like your closet or even your whole home!

Think about how quickly it will take you to get ready in the morning once your closet is minimized to half its size. Talk about efficiency.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

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Distractions are one of the biggest ways we like to occupy our lives. It is only when we learn to live simply, that we learn to let go of those distractions and replace them with things of quality.

Distractions can be very destructive.

Distractions are both more tempting and more destructive than we realize. If you’re filling your life with distractions, its probably because you’re afraid of what life would be like without constant Internet, social media, news, TV, and games.

We use distractions as a way to hide from our problems and our thoughts.

Have you ever gone on the internet to look something up, and 2 hours later you find yourself still on the computer with no idea where the time has gone? There is a reason they call it “surfing” the web…

As we ride the boundless waves of the web, we overloaded ourselves with the endless amounts of information it has to offer.

Time isn’t something that needs to be filled.

It’s tempting to fill in every little minute of the day with productivity or distractions, but its important that we don’t. Leaving some time for emptiness is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself.

When you leave some emptiness in your day, you invite opportunity and possibility in. You get the chance to spend your extra time with things you truly enjoy like reading a book with your child, going on a nice walk, or taking a much needed nap.

The only way to narrow down our lives to have that extra time for the things that matter, is to simplify.

Choosing quality over quantity.

Many people judge their days or weeks based on how much they did, with how many people they did it with, and how many times. Our aim should not be to do so much, but to do better.

Going out every weekend to the same bar is not going to give those moments any more quality, in fact, it takes away the uniqueness of that moment.

Instead of trying to do everything, we should be trying to do only the things that we truly want to do because those are the things that will bring us true happiness.


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