“Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.”

~ Lin Yutang

We all suffer from chronic busyness time to time.

We have heavy workloads, big families, and other responsibilities that we try to juggle all at once.

When we have so much going on in our lives, it’s easy for us to miss the ball and have things come crashing down when we least expect them to.

The thing with juggling is, you might get a little better at it with time, but inevitably gravity will always take over.

It might seem like everything we are doing is necessary, but the truth is, most of it is probably not.

We tend to over load ourselves to keep us busy, but in the end what do we really get out of it all?

A job well done?

If hectic schedules help you thrive, then all the power to you, but for those of you looking to lighten your load and make room for the more important stuff, here are the five steps to do it:

1. Understand that being busy is a choice.


Realize that your busyness is up to nobody else but yourself. You are the one who makes your schedule, takes on responsibilities, and allocates time to various things.

You are not born into a life of busyness.

You create it yourself.

The first step in being less busy, is realizing that only you have the power to change it.

2. Prioritize.


Makes a list of the all of the tasks, responsibilities, and duties that are in your life.

Include the tasks you do for work, for your children such as soccer practice and PTA, and your own personal hobbies or organizations you are apart of.

Assign a number to each task, starting with #1 as the most important.

Now that you are able to look at what your life consists of in a clearer way, truly examine which things you can live without, and which are essential to who you are.

Think about which things you wish you had more time for, and which you would be willing to give up in order to have that extra time.

We tend to go through life saying “yes” to responsibilities that are thrown at us. As time goes on they pile on and on, until we don’t even realize why we said yes in the first place.

If you are feeling too busy, it’s time to edit your own life.

3. It’s okay to say “NO”.


Sometimes it is easier to say “yes” to people because we don’t want to disappoint them or let them down.

We say yes to plans and responsibilities that we don’t actually want to have. And we do it just because we feel bad for saying “no”.

But the truth is, it is okay to say NO!!!

Saying YES does not always guarantee the better outcome. Sometimes it is important to bite the bullet and JUST SAY NO.

Always weigh your options and ask yourself:

– Is this going to be conducive to my happiness?
– Is this going to be helping somebody else immensely?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then ask yourself:

– Do I have time for this?

If the answer is yes, then chances are it might be something to say “yes” to.

Otherwise, it is OKAY to say no!!

4. Schedule time for rest.


We often forget the importance of rest, especially when making our schedules.

We see rest as something that happens AFTER we are done with our lists of tasks.

Most of time however, that list never ends, and we find ourselves going in circles before even thinking about taking a rest.

Instead of seeing rest as a privilege you get once you are done, see it as a priority that must be on your list.

It might seem silly at first, but literally schedule time to do nothing at least once a day.

When it comes to your nothing time, do not use it as an opportunity to work on other stuff, but actually take the time to do nothing and rest.

Giving your body this time is not only necessary, but it will also make you much better at your other tasks as you will be re energized mentally and physically.

5. Ask yourself the single most important question.


“Am I living the life that I want to lead or the life that others want me to lead?”

When it comes down to time and how we spend it, the most important thing to remember is to spend our lives living how we want to live them.

Which means, spending our time doing things we deem important, necessary, and most importantly satisfactory.

When old people are asked what are their biggest regrets in life, they often say not having the courage to live lives true to themselves, as opposed to the lives others expected of them.

Do not go your whole life full speed ahead with your head down.

One day you will look up, and your whole life will have passed you by.

Take a moment to evaluate your life and the things inside of it.

There are always choices we can make in order to create more time for the things that truly matter to us.


The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.

~Audrey Hepburn