“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

~ Albert Einstein

With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face there is little left for us to complain about.

If you allow it to, the serenity of the outdoors can take you away. It can take you away from your schedule, your responsibilities, and the dramatics that fill your everyday life. It can offer you moments of peace, clarity, and calmness- the three magical components of a happy life that we tend to lack in this world of ours.

One of the most glorious things about nature is her versatility. She shows her presence in all types of shapes and forms. She can be a beautiful seaside or a mountainous ridge; a never ending meadow or a lush garden. She fills the air with familiar smells and gives us extraordinary sights to behold. There is a piece of her for everybody.

She takes us back to our roots. We can always see pieces of our childhood within her. We are reminded of the life we led before everything got so difficult. Back when our only worry was the lack of hours left in the day for us to dance and rejoice in.

Lend your ear and lay down on the grass. Listen to everything she has to offer you. Incase you can’t hear just yet, let me be the one to tell you:

1. She doesn’t judge.


When you’re out in the wild, nothing cares who you are or where you come from. It doesn’t care what you look like or what you have done. You can be whoever you want to be in that moment.

We receive the gift of being able to be ourselves-to express ourselves however we want to. The same social rules don’t apply in nature as they do in the city. You can run and scream, climb on top of rocks and trees, lay in stillness for hours on end. You can be covered in mud or dripping wet from the river.

We may grow up but we are always children at heart; children who need to run wild with our imagination without the confines of being judged by those around us.

2. She gives us time to think.


Nature allows us the calmness and clarity we need in order to think. With the sound of cars honking and people talking on cellphones, one can never find a moment of tranquil silence. Even at home we have neighbors and family member constantly surrounding us, filling the air with energy and noise.

Nature’s noise is harmonious: birds chirping, rivers flowing, waves crashing, subtle winds grazing across grass fields. Her music gives you melody but no words. She gives you to chance to fill your surrounding with your own words.

Not only does she give you a restful surrounding, but she also never asks you to leave. You can stay in nature as long as you please. She has no time limit. No meter which you have to fill. No time card you must punch in.

3. She makes us curious.


Nature has a way of bringing out the most extreme curiosity in us. What is around that ridge? Where does this river end? What is the view from the top of that mountain?

She teaches us to ask questions and search for the answers. In order to see the view, we must climb the mountain. She teaches us about effort and reward.

Her endless opportunity fills us with excitement and wonder. She inspires us to learn and look beyond what we thought was possible.

We can take her inspiration and bring it into our daily lives: ask more questions, look for alternate paths, follow our instincts, and let us see no boundaries for the opportunities that lie ahead.

4. She shows us how small we are.


When surrounded by mountainous landscapes and expanding oceans, we can see where we stand in this world. We see the small role we play in this giant game of life. We see there is more to the world than us and what surrounds us.

Nature teaches us perspective. She shows us there are problems as well as beauties that lie beyond ourselves. We learn that we are not alone in our problems or in our fortunes.

She teaches us about our place in time, how insignificantly little time we have spent on this earth. There are rivers and mountains that surpass our time spent here by the millions. We realize what little right or monopoly we should have over this land. She has been here far longer than us.

We can pretend that we are bigger than her, but in reality we are at her mercy.

5. She makes us challenge ourselves.


Nature makes you face your fears. She makes you challenge and push yourself further than you thought possible.

She takes away comfort and gives you strength instead. She sets you up for obstacles and gives you the chance to persevere. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or riding a giant wave, she makes you push yourself in order to reveal your true strength.

She gives us the gift of letting us be the best version of ourselves – a version of us that we can be proud of.