Inspiration, the mysterious friend who comes and goes. On some days she comes to you quite quickly and suddenly. Other times she’ll wait ages before she visits you again.

Inspiration is an intangible wave of motivation that lights a spark within our minds. It pulls you out of your body and brings a heightened sense of focus to your thoughts. As mysterious and elusive as inspiration is, like most things in this world, she is rooted in science.

Your brains is always growing even when your body has stopped. It is constantly expanding and creating new neurological pathways through everyday activities. There are the obvious methods of expanding our brains such as education, going to foreign places, looking at art or listening to music. This day and age, most of our inspiration comes from TV and movies. Stories about dedicated athletes and victorious heroes propel us into action to be more like them.

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere as mentioned above. A more rare occasion however, is when inspiration is created from within. It’s one thing to pull inspiration from the outside, but it’s another to generate it on your own.

Here are 4 ways inspiration can be manifested from within:

1. Journaling


For starters, journaling comes much easier to some than others. Not everybody has that internal need to write; not everybody can sit down and turn a blank page into a novel. You might be thinking “I’m not a writer, I need inspiration to know what to write about”.

But even the best writers will tell you that waiting for inspiration to hit might leave you staring at that blank page for years. Sometimes the best way to induce your own inspiration, is to just start writing and see what happens.

If writers use this philosophy, there is no reason why the rest of us can’t either. You don’t have to be a writer to write. All you have to do is start putting some words on paper and before you know it you will be in flow.

Writing manifests inspiration because it reaches into the depths of our subconscious and pulls out ideas we didn’t even know we had. If you think of your brain like an onion, writing is the process of peeling the layers off of an endless onion. It enables us to find inspiration within ourselves as opposed to from an outside source, a rarity that can’t be matched.

2. Cooking


Cooking, like many art forms, is based off of self expression. While a large part of cooking is following recipes, drawing inspiration from other chefs and dishes one has come across, the other half of it rests in desire – in creating something that is wanted from within.

A certain taste or texture that is craved, a combination of flavors that pop into your head – it’s impossible to cook without feeling these sensations from within. Instead of shutting them down and sticking strictly to a recipe, you can choose to embrace this inspiration and let it take you somewhere new.

You may be thinking to yourself, “But I’m not a chef I don’t know what goes together and what doesn’t.” Instead of using your lack of experience of knowledge as an obstacle, look at it as an advantage. Allow the “unknowingness” take over and follow the inspiration and desire that is coming from within. You might end up with a meal that you’ve never heard of before, but one that you can’t imagine not eating again and again.

3. Exercise


Exercise induces inspiration for 1 main reasons- it pushes you further than you thought possible.

Strength may be physical, but endurance is strictly mental. Often times, we don’t give our bodies enough credit for what they are capable of. If you keep your mind strong and determined, you can always go just a little further. Exercise is a form of self inspiration that can bring you motivation into other areas of your life. Have you ever ran just a mile past your usual distance and felt proud of yourself? You think to yourself, ” I didn’t think I could do that, but I did. I wonder what else I can do?”

There is instant gratification in pushing past all of your doubts and fears, and it is especially evident in exercise. What can be better than being your own reason for being inspired?

4. Dreams


Dreams might seem like the most unlikely place to draw inspiration from, and yet what can be more uninhibited than your own subconscious?

Dreams are the place where logic goes out the window and anything can happen. It is a time when our minds are able to be uninhibited by the outside world and all of its restrictions. There is a reason why people tell you when you can’t figure something out to simply “sleep on it”. When we dream, our minds expand and we are able to see and understand things beyond our physical realm.

Albert Einstein himself had his first idea on the Theory of Relativity due to a dream he had of sledding down a mountain so fast that he almost reached the speed of light. A concept far beyond what we could imagine in the physical world, he was inspired by his dream to go on to prove it to be true.

Sometimes it takes something from the inside to manifest its counter part on the outside. Inspiration can be drawn from almost anywhere, but nothing beats the extraordinary occasion when you are able to inspire yourself from within.